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Water Taste Bad

Why Does My Tap Water Taste Bad?

Picture this… you’re thirsty. Maybe you’ve been working outside, gardening. Or maybe you just haven’t had a glass of water in a few hours. Either way, you grab a cup, turn on the faucet, and take a swig… and it’s gross!!

If you’ve ever taken a drink from your tap, you may have noticed that it doesn’t taste the best. This could be because your tap water has many different minerals and contaminants lurking within it! If your tap water tastes bad, you likely have an invisible culprit.

Does your tap water taste bad and fishy?

If your water tastes fishy, musty, or dirty, it may be a sign of blooming algae within the water source. Your municipal water is treated, which means that you shouldn’t have any algae in your water. However, the taste of it may linger in your tap. There could also be bacterial growth within your water system as well, which could be causing these tastes and smells. Bacteria can grow anywhere. If you have well water and are experiencing this taste, get your water tested immediately!

Tastes like chemicals?

If your water tastes of chemicals like bleach or chlorine, this is a normal common taste in tap water. Your water tastes like this because townships use chlorine to disinfect the water supply. This then goes out to the community. Usually, very small amounts of chlorine are used to treat the water, which is safe for human consumption. In some cases, the township may use too much chlorine, leaving a chemical taste and being potentially less safe.

Does your tap water taste bad or bitter?

If your water tastes bitter, this may be due to corrosion in your pipes and plumbing! Copper from your plumbing gets into your water, which can give you cramps and some digestion discomfort. It is important to get your pipes checked though, so you can avoid these problems and nasty flavors. 

Tastes like Iron or Metal?

This is likely because there’s too much iron in the water! This is especially a common problem in well water, but many municipality tap water may taste bad, too. If there’s a metallic taste, you can easily combat that with a system to soften the water and remove that bad flavor.

Get your water checked!

It’s important to get your water checked, if you’re looking for crisp, refreshing tap water. Soft water has many benefits, such as giving you softer hair and nails, tasting better, and keeping your clothes, appliances, and dishes clean!

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