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Know About Solar

Everything You Need to Know About Solar

Have you been thinking about going solar, but don’t know everything about it yet? There is tons to know about panels, how they work, and how they benefit you, so start here and read this article to find out everything you need to know about going solar! 

What makes Solar sustainable energy?

Sustainability is one of the major parts to solar energy. The energy harnessed from the sun is infinite, unlike fossil fuels which at some point, will run out. On top of solar energy being a source of energy forever, it is also environmentally friendly! Instead of fracking for oil, which is turned into fossil fuels, energy from the sun is absorbed into your panels! 

Do panels work throughout all kinds of weather?

Yes and no. Your panels will have a harder time absorbing energy from the sun during a very cloudy or rainy day, due to the fact that there’s simply not a lot of sunlight. However, since your panels are constantly drawing energy on bright sunny days, your panels will send excess energy back into the grid for net metering. If you have battery storage, that will store the surplus of energy for when you need it! During night time, your panels won’t be producing any energy. Excess energy produced throughout the day will be used instead by your battery, or through your net metering.

Solar energy is free! 

Solar energy is free because, well… It’s the sun! No need for electric bills when you’re producing your own electricity! On top of reducing your carbon footprint and doing good for the planet, you’ll also be doing good for your wallet! The energy you use will be from your panels, which means that your electricity bill will drastically lower in price, to the point where you may not even have an electric bill! 

How exactly does it work?

Photovoltaic cells are what solar panels are made up of, and are usually made up on silicon. They convert sunlight into electricity. As soon as sunlight hits these cells, electrons are separates from the atoms, then flow through the cell creating electricity! You can read more about that here.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Almost no maintenance is required! All you need to do when taking care of your panels is make sure they aren’t covered with debris. Sunlight needs to reach the panels. If you have a tilted roof, your panels will definitely be cleaner, since debris will likely slide right off! 

What to know about solar and permits.

Installing solar panels is easy peasy! You can install panels on almost any kind of building, as well as have ground-mount solar panels that are installed on the ground! Installing panels has never been so easy, and with its growing popularity it will just get easier! Orbit takes care of the permits for you, so you don’t have to deal with the extra hassle and paperwork.

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