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Why You Should Never Remodel Your Home without a Contractor

When remodeling, you might think you can get the job done just as well as a contractor, if not better. You’ve watched plenty of home improvement TV shows, and you found some cool ideas on Pinterest… maybe you even did some research on tips to do the job well! Without a contractor, however, you may be opening yourself up to a long list of new problems. Keep reading about why it isn’t the smartest idea to remodel your home by yourself. 

Reason number 1: It looks easier on TV than it actually is in real life.  

If you are an avid watcher of home remodeling shows and think that you can spruce up your home by yourself, we hate to break it to you… But it’s not that easy! For example, a kitchen or bathroom renovation requires a certain skillset. Builders and contractors spend a considerable amount of time learning and training to have the required skills.  There’s a reason that they are the pros! Also keep in mind the costs, time frame of the project and the tools and materials you will need to complete your project. Remodeling by yourself can end up taking months! You definitely don’t want to end up with a gutted bathroom that sits unusable for a year.

Reason number 2: You’re spending more money on your DIYs without a contractor!

If you think you’ll be saving money by doing your home remodeling yourself, reality may not be so sunny. The truth is, doing a remodeling project yourself could very well cost you more! By skimping out on a professional contractor, you might not be able to gauge the full price of what you want done to your home. You’ll end up with expenses you didn’t realize you would be paying for. You also risk making mistakes that will cost you later on. Professional remodelers are trained for these tasks, and know exactly what they’re doing. They will get the job right the first time around. Contractors will be able to install your new items the right way, and avoid damage to your home. If you did this yourself, you might not even know it’s damaged until you’ve completed your task!

Reason number 3: You could miss crucial steps for your project.

When remodeling, you need to have a concrete plan before starting your project. If you don’t have a professional map out every step and every part of your project, you’re going to end up missing steps along that way that affect your project’s results. Your project may look complete once you’re done, but you will definitely find out later about the steps you forgot. 

Reason number 4: Without a contractor you don’t have the right equipment! 

This one is pretty self explanatory! If you’re not a handy man, odds are you don’t have the correct equipment needed to complete your project. Contractors come with all of the necessary tools, and instead of going out and purchasing these tools yourself- which is expensive- your contractor comes prepared and ready to work. 

Reason number 5: Keep arguments to a minimum. 

Taking on a big project like a home remodeling job can be very frustrating if you aren’t sure what you’re doing! Whether it’s because you can’t decide on the same design plan, or you’re arguing about whether or not you are doing the tasks correctly, DIY projects can cause disagreements. This is easily avoided! Keep things professional, and keep arguments to a minimum by hiring a contractor that has been trained in the field.

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