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NJ Residents Save Big With Solar

At Orbit Energy, so often we get questions about how much savings a residential home could see in a practical way. While there will be slight variations from home to home, due to size, location, and of course the type of system you choose – we can safely say that NJ residents save BIG with solar! We have compiled a few data charts for you to look at, as well as the reasons we’re showing this to be an accurate statement.

Solar VS Standard Fossil Fuels

Clearly when you clicked here, you wanted to see some tangible evidence as to how we can make that comparison. Sure, you can look all of this information up yourself(and we have provided sources if you’re interested below!) but we’ve done that work for you to help you make the best choice for your family. They say the proof is in the pudding, so how about taking a bite!

Seeing the graphic above, it shows that as of 2016 the annual rate of return was 18.30%. In simple language that means that not only will you save money, you can actually earn money by selling your power back to the regular grid. Saving money is great, but making a profit is icing on the cake. Did you know that New Jersey is one of the top three states in the US that opt in for solar and thus as a state, end up saving the most?

New Jersey Residents Opting for Clean Energy

It is no secret that New Jersey is a small state, anyone with a map can see that, but we have the highest population density in the entire United States. We know that every choice we make impacts our family and our communities for better or for worse. Based on the data we have found, NJ residents are environmentally forward-thinking individuals. We want to make the future of our tiny state a bright one, and even without the above data, you can take a drive through any of your local neighborhoods and see how many of your friends and neighbors have made the choice for solar. We can stick together in making the NJ of tomorrow a cleaner, greener, place to be. Many of our government buildings have opted for solar, too! After all, this is the garden state!

Be the Source of Light in the Dark for Your Neighbors

We don’t need to talk about Hurricane Sandy and bring up memories of horrifying times for residents to understand the importance that going solar has not only for you, but for your community. We all lived it, we all know. Just about every home that had solar panels at that time was able to provide some kind of comfort to their communities – charging stations for neighbors cell phones and devices, offering hot cups of coffee and meals – these folks were a literal beacon of light in those dark times.

Nobody can predict the weather, and we know that we have all taken necessary precautions against such tragedies like that from having such a severe impact on us in the future – but think back, just a moment – how many times has the weather impacted your energy needs (or maybe your neighbors that are still fully on the grid)? Air conditioning going out in the worst heat of summer due to brownouts, or blizzards knocking down power lines. We’re a tough state, a solid group of individuals that stand together.

If any of us had the chance to prevent our families, neighbors, friends, pets, or other loved ones from experiencing the impacts of not having our energy needs met(and the unfortunate consequences that result from that)… why wouldn’t we do that? You do not have to be without power when the grid fails you or when the weather causes tragedy if you have solar panels.

You’ll save money, you will contribute to the environment in a positive way, and you can maybe even be a help to those around you when you choose to save big with solar.

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