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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing and Solar Panels

Every home is different, and at Orbit Energy we understand that! While more common in the southern states, there are still a number of homes across the US that have metal roofing systems and those folks are just as interested in conserving energy and saving money with solar. Read below for some information pertaining to installing solar panels on metal roofing!

Can I Get Solar Panels With a Metal Roof?

This is the big question. Yes, it is possible. Modern roofing of any type can have solar panels installed. While it may require a different kind of racking system, it is entirely possible and not a major hurdle. Many “barndominiums” come standard with metal roofing and the trend for these type of homes being built has been and continues to be on the rise. However, any home could potentially have been built with non-traditional elements, and we’re letting you know it’s not a deal breaker when you want to install solar panels on metal roofing.

Some Challenges With Metal Roofing

Naturally there are positives and negatives to every type of roofing itself. Metal roofs are usually the more cost effective option while building a home when compared to traditional shingle roofing systems. You may find yourself living in a climate where it is heavily recommended that you opt for a metal roof. While they do offer the best protection from such as hail, some folks have concerns about lightning and metal roofing. Extensive research into this matter has revealed that there is no significant difference in the attraction of lightning with a metal roof as opposed to any other type of roofing, but superstitions persist. Some folks simply do not like the way it looks aesthetically. The challenges of installing solar panels on metal roofing are minimal, so you might be interested in updating your roof type.

Need a Different Roofing System? We Do That!

While we are experts in the solar industry, we offer other services as well, including construction repair! If you’re looking to update the exterior design elements of your home, reach out to us for a consultation. Don’t forget to ask about any promotional offers that we may have going on!

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