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Remodel Your Kitchen: Tips to Consider

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Home upgrades can be very exciting! But if you don’t think ahead and decide what you want, they can also be a serious headache down the road. By planning ahead and considering these tips, you can reduce any possible stress and have a better idea of what to expect. Have […]

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Going Solar: Essential Things To Know

With solar technology being widely adopted at a rapid pace, it’s important to be well informed. Knowing about solar helps you to be fully informed when deciding if you’re a good candidate. Solar panels could completely eliminate your electric bill. When utilizing solar technology you’ll notice your electrical bill is either so small it’s inconsequential […]

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NJ Residents Save Big With Solar

At Orbit Energy, so often we get questions about how much savings a residential home could see in a practical way. While there will be slight variations from home to home, due to size, location, and of course the type of system you choose – we can safely say that NJ residents save BIG with […]

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