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Solar Residential

Solar: More than Just Residential

Did you know that here at Orbit Energy & Power, we do more than just residential solar installations? Orbit works to make sustainable energy available to everyone, everywhere! This includes you and your business! Now, you might be wondering if and how going solar is the right move for a business owner. We’re here to tell you that it is! Keep reading to find out why commercial solar is great for businesses! 

Impress Your Customers!

A great reason to have your business go solar is the fact that customers love companies who make ethical and moral choices. Choosing solar panels to produce your energy is a sustainable, earth-friendly choice sure to impress your potential customers! They will feel good about purchasing from and interacting with your brand. Build a strong reputation for your company with commercial solar!

Help Your Bottom Line!

Solar greatly reduces your dependence on the utility grid. With a commercial solar energy system, you can turn your building’s roof into a profit center! Help your bottom line by powering your facility right from your own roof and skip the sky-high prices that an electric company is going to charge you for that energy.

Commercial solar is even more productive than residential!

Just think about it! You probably have a much larger roof space than a standard home. That means so much more room for panels to produce energy! Imagine how much more efficient your company could be if you just soaked up the sun for electricity instead of paying the utility company rates. Ready to make the switch? We thought so! Learn more with one of our Commercial Solar Specialists today!

“Solar energy is the fastest growing and most affordable source of new electricity in America. Over 3 million installations have been built across the country—with 1 million being built in the last two years. As the cost of solar energy systems dropped significantly, more Americans and businesses have taken advantage of clean energy.” –

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