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What to Think About When Remodeling Your Bathroom

What to Think About When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? There are many steps you need to take in order to properly remodel and create the bathroom of your dreams. Do you know them? Keep reading our blog to understand the do’s and don’ts of remodeling, and find out what else you should think about! 

When remodeling your bathroom, create a budget! 

Bathroom remodels can end up being pretty pricey, so by setting a budget you can ensure you stay within your means. With a remodeling contractor, you will have a fixed budget, which can be even more beneficial than creating your own. Make sure that you know the costs of everything you’re interested in replacing or installing, from a new bathtub all the way down to floor tiles. It all counts! Know what you are willing to splurge on, and where you are willing to invest for higher quality.

Don’t go in without a plan!

It is imperative that you go into your new remodel with a plan for exactly what you want done. Make sure you know all of the proper measurements of your bathroom. You also need to make sure that you’re going to have all needed materials to complete your project. If you go into your remodel without a plan and end up wanting something else in your bathroom that you didn’t prepare for… it can get messy.  Of course, this is what a professional is for! The remodeling contractor will take the measurements for you and ensure that all materials are on hand for easier project completion.

Create a layout before remodeling your bathroom!

It is important to go into your remodel with a layout already planned out, so you and your contractor will know exactly what to do and where everything should go! Having a designer come in and help you with a layout can be greatly beneficial! Having consultations where designers can create 3D models for your bathroom can give you many different options with a visual for each one. This makes it much easier to pick and choose what you want! Of course, not everyone is willing to pay for or can afford to add a professional designer to the budget. That’s okay- just check out a few magazines, find some inspiration online, and share your ideas with your remodeling contractor!

Don’t ignore little mistakes.

You might think that at the moment, that small imperfection in your tiling won’t matter, but later on, it definitely will. Make sure not to overlook things because you want it done faster, or feel bad for commenting on the work. If you’re seeing the mistake now, you will see it forever! 

With those do’s and don’ts in mind, some other important things to think about when remodeling your bathroom are: 

  • Do you want a bathtub, or a shower stall?
  • What are your plans for lighting? 
  • Make sure your ventilation works efficiently.
  • Are the materials you’re choosing durable? 

Hopefully with all of these things to think about, you’ll be ready to remodel your bathroom! Come to the experts at Orbit for your new renovations, and we’ll get the job done perfectly! 

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