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Effects of Tap Water on Your Skin and Hair

Effects of Tap Water on Your Skin and Hair

What is in the water flowing from your tap? Most tap water is “hard water” meaning it contains high levels of calcium and minerals. Townships and cities use chlorine to keep bacteria and living organisms out of the water supply, but that chlorine often makes its way into your homes water. High levels of calcium, minerals, and chlorine are bad for your skin and hair.

Natural Oils

Your hair and skin both produce natural oils that help keep them healthy and hydrated. The chlorine and minerals in hard water strip these oils from your skin and hair. This causes dryness and itchiness.


Soap latches onto the minerals in hard water and leaves behind soap scum as a result. When you shower with hard water, a layer of soap scum gets left behind. Soap scum makes your hair look dull and prevents lotion from seeping into your skin. When minerals and soap scum build up on your scalp, they make it dry and itchy. This dryness and itchiness may cause dandruff.


If you are a blonde or like to dye your hair, chlorine effects your hair color. It makes blonde hair appear yellow or green and strips color from dye away. Chlorine also causes flare ups if you have eczema, psoriasis, or acne.


If you’re worried about how tap water is affecting your skin and hair, consider adding a water softening or filtration system to your home. These systems will clear harsh chemicals and minerals from your water. Your hair and skin will be healthier and more hydrated with soft water!

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