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Inspections Important

Are Furnace Inspections Important?

What Happens During an Inspection?

During furnace inspections, the essential parts of your furnace are adjusted, cleaned, and tested. Technicians make sure that everything works properly. They check for issues and find potential problems. Problems are then corrected before the weather is cold and your furnace is needed.  

Why Should I Have My Furnace Inspected?

Furnace inspections ensure that your heater functions properly. They help identify issues before they become big problems. If you catch problems early on, they are easier and less expensive to fix.

It also ensures that your home and family stay warm during cold months. If your furnace breaks down in the middle of the winter, you’ll be left in the cold! Keep your family comfortable throughout winter with a furnace inspection!

What is the Best Time for an Inspection?

Manufacturers and HVAC professionals recommend having your furnace inspected once a year. Inspections are a preventative measure that minimize the chance of breakdowns. So have yours inspected before you need it! Don’t wait until it is cold for a problem to arrive. Schedule your inspection while it’s still hot and stay warm all winter!

Orbit Heating & Cooling

Contact Orbit Heating & Cooling to schedule your furnace inspection. Our technicians will inspect your system, diagnose any issues, and make necessary repairs. We make sure your home stays comfortable no matter the weather!

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