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Benefits of Backup Generators

Benefits of Backup Generators

Backup generators are important for any homeowner. Weather, like high winds and downpours, can be detrimental to homes. These storms can cause power outages which can last for hours or days! With a backup energy solution, you and your family will be able to keep your home running smoothly.

Keep Your Food From Spoiling

During power outages, you not only have to worry about your lights being off, but you have to worry about your fridge as well! If your power is out for over four hours, your food will spoil! Make sure to keep all of your frozen foods and perishables safe and fresh with a generator to keep your fridge and other appliances up and running during power outages!

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Along with your lights and appliances, your heating and cooling systems will also lose power! This can be a disaster during the winter or summer. Since power outages surge throughout your surrounding area, and can last for multiple days, don’t risk being stuck in an uncomfortably hot or cold home.

Keep Your Sump Pump Working

What exactly is a sump pump? The sump is a hole dug under your basement floor. The sump pump is a pump that has valves that can tell when the sump’s water levels are too high. When your power goes out, your sump pump goes with it, which can cause major water damage to your home. With a backup generator, you won’t have to worry about your sump pump!

Keep Your Security System Running

If your home has a security system , your house will no longer be protected during a power outage! If you leave your home to stay at friend’s place who has power, or stay at a hotel, your home is at risk! Some people might take advantage of the power outages and look for empty, unprotected homes. Backup generators ensure that your family and home remain safe during an outage.

We pride ourselves on quality here at Orbit. That’s why we use Kohler generators! Kohler produces best-in-class backup energy systems. Want to read about other energy solutions? Then check out our battery storage options!

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