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Soft Water for Softer

Why is My Skin So Dry? Soft Water for Softer Skin

Have you noticed that your hair and skin seem dry? No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get rid of that itchiness and dryness. Lotion doesn’t help for long, and conditioner just doesn’t last. Bad hair days seem to never end! You might be wondering to yourself what you’re doing wrong, and why you can’t prevent it! Many people don’t realize that hard water is often the culprit behind these issues! Keep reading to understand how hard water affects you and your home. 

Why does hard water cause dry skin? 

Hard water is water that has excess minerals in it. Hard water can have minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron to name a few. These minerals can take a toll on you and your skin. Calcium, magnesium and iron dry your skin out. This is because these minerals clog your pores. The dryness of these minerals in your pores can then cause flaky skin, as well as sensitive and irritable skin. This can cause discomfort, as well as acne which is never fun to have! Soft water however, does not contain these minerals and contaminants. With soft water, you’ll notice you will have softer and cleaner skin, as well as healthier hair! Hard water also damages hair and can make it feel dry and brittle due to mineral buildup, but you won’t need to worry with soft water.

How do you know you have hard water?

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been dealing with dry skin, itchy scalp, and frizzy or dry hair, then it is quite likely that you have hard water. Hard water affects more than just you, though! It also leaves a film on shower doors, bathtubs, and walls. It can even cause clothes that had once been soft to become rough when washed. These are just a few tell-tale signs that the water in your home is full of excess minerals that are causing build-up and dryness.

How can you avoid dryness?

  • Invest in a water softener to remove the excess minerals from your water. This will also help you save on lotion, soap, conditioner, and laundry detergent!
  • Avoid using water that’s too hot. Your skin might react badly to hot water, and the heat can strip your essential oils, leaving you feeling dry and itchy. 
  • You may be exfoliating too much! Dry to tone down the exfoliation, this will help you retain your skin’s natural moisture.

If you’re wondering if you have hard water, give Orbit a call and we’ll give you a free water test to see what’s lurking in your tap! At Orbit, we make sure our customers are satisfied with our services and our products! See the Orbit difference today!

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