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GAF Roofing

Why Do We Use GAF Roofing?

When it comes to your roof, you already know that the quality of craftmanship is important. But what about the quality of materials? Roofing materials should be durable, strong, and safe. That’s where GAF comes in. GAF is a great company with well-crafted, durable, and sustainable roofing products. Like Orbit, GAF strives to help the environment as well as the community!

How is GAF sustainable? 

GAF, unlike other roofing companies, uses recycled materials for their shingles! GAF shingles are made of recycled asphalt. Along with using reusable materials for their shingles, GAF also reuses post-manufacture TPO waste. So, on top of using recycled asphalt, GAF works hard in other areas to ensure a safer, cleaner environment. GAF’s asphalt shingles are not only sustainable, but beautiful too! GAF is known for their durable, long lasting and beautiful products, which are perfect for any home!

What about the quality?

Roofing materials should be durable and strong. GAF is the most popular shingle brand in the USA! They offer strong and tough materials that come with Lifetime Warranties, so you can have peace of mind that your home is protected. After all, shouldn’t your roof keep you and your belongings safe and dry?

How does GAF help the community?

Besides GAF being an environmentally friendly roofing company, GAF is also a friend to the community! 

A statement from GAF:

“Our commitment to protect what matters most includes making a positive difference as neighbors and partners in the communities where we live and work. We leverage our expertise, resources, and products to help power the potential of our communities and provide an inclusive opportunity for all, through three key social impact priorities:
Creating Disaster Resiliency, Helping Neighbors, and Building Community.”


GAF also helps their community by preparing and responding to weather disasters. GAF has partnerships with nonprofits like Team Rubicon as well as Good360. These partnerships help communities in need. By donating products that aid in response and recovery, GAF can lend a helping hand to those in need! They also have a GAF Cares Employee Relief fund, which helps co-workers in need.

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