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New Roof Checklist

New Roof Checklist: Preparing for Installation

Updating your home with a new roof is always an exciting day! At Orbit, we believe in providing excellent quality and customer service. We also want you to feel comfortable and prepared while your new roof is being installed! With these tips, you can prepare for the installation of your new roof and know exactly what to expect.

Delivery for New Roof

1. The shingles and debris dumpster will be delivered a few days before the start date of the actual project. These materials will be placed in your driveway or in a pre-specified location of your choice. Please prepare for roofing material delivery by moving cars, toys, etc, so that the driveway is clear and unobstructed. 

2. If you have any pets, please secure them safely inside. The loud noises might upset your furry friends, and by keeping them inside you can keep them safe from any potentially harmful materials. This also prevents them from getting loose during the delivery and especially during the installation of the roof.

Keeping Valuables Safe

3. Prior to starting the job, please take all of your pictures and valuables off of your walls and shelves. The vibrations from the roof construction can cause your items to fall and be damaged. 

4. Please make sure that all of your vehicles are moved out and away from the driveway. In addition, please keep them away from the house to avoid damage from any falling debris.

5. Take appropriate measures when protecting any valuable items in your garden, such as statues, planters, or lawn ornaments. We highly recommend covering your flowers and shrubs to protect your plants from dust and debris.

Important to Know

6. Make sure your gates are left unlocked for our workers to have full access to your roof from every perimeter of the property. This makes it easier for us to get the job done faster, and efficiently! And don’t forget, this is when your pets should be kept safely inside.

7. If there are any special requests that you have, please make sure you let the person in charge of your roof installation and construction know in advance! 

8. When we re-roof your house, we will remove the old felting from your decking, which will cause some debris to fall between the cracks. Please cover all of the valuables in your attic and be mindful that this could cause a post-job cleanup by others!

9. At the end of the job, there will usually be some materials left over. We often over-order to make sure that we have enough material on-hand to finish the job. We will pick up this extra material the day of job completion.

Hopefully this checklist will help you when you plan on repairing or replacing your roof! If you have anymore questions please contact us and we’ll let you know everything you need to know about your roofing project! Here at Orbit we like to use the highest quality GAF materials to ensure your roof is made to last! With quality materials, you will enjoy peace of mind that your home and family are kept safe from the weather.

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