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New Home Checklist

New Home Checklist

Moving is exciting and overwhelming! When you move, it’s important to make sure your new home is safe. Below are some ways to make sure you stay safe and protected in your new home.

Safety Precautions

One of the first things you should do after moving in is change the locks. Install a new lock yourself or have a locksmith install a new lock. You never know if any extra copies of the old keys are floating around and you definitely don’t want to find out!

You should also test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they work properly in case of an emergency. Also locate the fire extinguisher and make sure that it works. In addition to the fire extinguisher, you should also locate your gas and water shutoff valves. These safety measures could save your life in an emergency.

After moving in, you should get a basic electrical safety inspection. These inspections make sure your home is wired safely.

HVAC System Inspection

Get both your heating and cooling system inspected so you know they work when you need them. This can be done by an HVAC professional. They will make sure your system is clean, safe, and ready to keep you comfortable.

On top of the inspection, figure out what kind of air filter you need. It might be helpful to change the current filter to ensure it’s clean of dust and other air borne allergens.

Lastly, test your thermostat to make sure it is working properly.

Check the Roof for Damages

Roofs last for an average of 20 years before needing to be replaced.  Figure out how old the roof of your new house is. If it is around 20 years old, check the roof for damages or get it inspected by a professional. Make sure it is strong and is able to keep your family safe.

Test Your Water

Get your water tested to make sure it is safe to drink and use. This is especially important if your water has an odd taste or smell or if you live in a town that is known to have water issues. Prevent future problems, like burst pipes, by improving your home’s water before it becomes a problem. Contact Orbit for a Free Water Quality Test to make sure your water is safe!

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