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Leave Roof Damage for the Pros

Leave Roof Damage for the Pros

Weather is not always your roofs friend. Strong wind, rain, and snow can cause damage to your roof. We’ve all seen shingles blown off of homes after strong storms, but not all roof damage is that obvious. A lot of roof damage takes a trained, professional eye to spot. When it comes to roof damage, you should call a professional. Here are some reasons why!


Properly inspecting for damage requires climbing on ladders and walking on roofs. This can be very dangerous, especially if you have no experience doing it! Roofs are often steep and may cause you to slip and fall while walking on them. Falling from a ladder or a roof can lead to expensive medical costs. Avoid injury and contact a professional!

Professionals Have a Trained Eye

Roof damages are often very small. Without a trained eye, you may not see them. Professionals know exactly what to look for when inspecting a roof. They will look at your shingles, gutters and flashing to make sure there is no damage. If there is, they will know exactly how to fix it!

Leaks can Lead to Further Damage

If you inspect your own roof, it is likely you will overlook damages. When not fixed, a damaged roof can cause water damage and mold inside of your home. Mold isn’t just unappealing to look at. It is also dangerous to your health. Many people are allergic to mold and exposure to it causes sneezing, runny nose, and rash. These damages can also be expensive to fix! Save yourself money in the long run by having a pro inspect your roof.

Orbit Roofing & Repair

Orbit’s team of roofing professionals is ready to check your roof whenever you have a concern! Stay safe and prevent further damage. Contact us for an inspection or repair!

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