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Roofing Work

How to Prepare for Roofing Work

As you are preparing for roofing work, it is important to keep in mind that roofing is loud and often messy work. Keeping you, your home, and your belongings safe is our top priority. Help us achieve that goal by following the guidelines below!

Plan for Delivery

Before the job begins, shingles and a debris dumpster will be delivered to your house. Move cars and other belongings from the driveway or the pre-specified location so the area is clear for delivery.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

To keep your valuables and belongings safe from debris, we suggest clearing outdoor furniture, grills, toys and any other items from your yard. Cover your landscaping, flower beds, statues or fountains with a tarp to avoid damage. Clear cars from the driveway or move them away from the house. When we install new roofs, we remove felt from your decking. This may cause debris to fall between cracks and into your attic. Remove valuables from your attic or cover them with a tarp to keep them protected.

Prepare for Noise

Roofing is loud work! Give your neighbors the warning that you are getting roof work done as a courtesy. Consider getting pets out of the house while work is being done, especially if they are afraid of noise.

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