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Time to Switch to Solar

Best Time to Switch to Solar

What’s the best season to go solar? Many people think summer is the best time to make the switch to solar, but there are benefits to making the switch in every season!


There is a misconception that solar panels don’t work in winter because it is cold. But solar panels rely on the sun, not heat! Panels still produce even on cold days. The sun rises later and sets earlier in the winter. That means that you use more electricity because your lights are on more. Help offset the cost of keeping your house powered!

An added benefit of going solar in the winter is that it is the off season for installers. There are less people going solar which means faster installation times! Get your system up and running quickly in the winter.


Days become longer and sunnier in the spring! By going solar in the spring, you ensure that your system will be up and running by summer when you really need it. Spring is the season of open windows. So build up net metering credits to use in the seasons to come by adding solar to your home in the spring! 

Net metering allows you to send excess energy produced by your panels back to the electric grid. That energy is turned into credits with your utility company and those credits can be used when your system produces less energy.


Summer has the longest days with the most sunlight! Maximize your systems production immediately by going solar in the summer. In addition, utility bills are often highest in the summer due to air conditioning costs. Offset those costs with solar! Summer is also a great time to start building credit with net metering. Your system will likely produce more energy than you need in the summer. 


Ensure your home is using efficient energy during the cold days ahead! By going solar in the fall, your system will be up and running for winter. Like winter, fall is also an off season for installers. Get your system added to your home quickly by going solar in the fall.

Why Now?

Now is a great time to go solar! Utility bills continue to rise year after year. Recently people are seeing higher electric bills because they are staying home more. Offset your additional usage by adding a solar system to your home! To further encourage homeowners to go solar, the federal government has extended the 26% tax credit offered to solar system owners until 2022. Switch now and start saving!

If you’re ready to make the switch to solar, contact Orbit! We make switching to solar easy. Call us today to get started!

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