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The Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

The Consequences of Not Changing Your Air Filter

An air filter is one of the most important parts of an HVAC system. Checking and replacing your filter is an important step to keep your system running smoothly. The air filter in your HVAC system is what filters out all of the harmful particles floating around in the air, and without it, you’ll be breathing all of that in! Keep reading to find out some problems you may experience by not changing your air filter.

Damage to Your System

When an air filter gets clogged, this can cause a lot of damage! By making sure your filter is still working properly and replacing it when necessary, you’ll be able to give your HVAC system a longer life. Plus, you’ll be keeping your lungs safe from harmful particles!

Missing Out on Clean Air

If you don’t change your air filter, you’re not enjoying clean air. By regularly changing your air filter, you can have fresh air at all times! Having a perfectly running air filter can also help people with asthma or allergies! With a clean filter, instead of your HVAC unit pushing out dusty, pollen filled air, it will pump out fresh clean air.

Wasting Your Money

Did you know that not changing your air filter can be causing you to lose money? By replacing your filter, you give your HVAC system a longer life. Your system also won’t have to work as hard, and won’t need to use so much energy! In the long run, this saves you money on your bills, and saves you from needing to make repairs as often!

Other Effects of a Dirty Air Filter 

  • Your HVAC system needs to work harder, in order to push out clean air! This causes your system to use more energy, and wear down faster than it would have with a clean filter. 
  • You risk your system overheating or freezing up! This is because the air in your system can’t travel from the furnace, heating pump, or air conditioner as easily as it could with a clean filter. 
  • With a dirty filter, your system is likely to trap moisture, with can then cause colonies of mold and bacteria. This can make it even harder for air to be pushed out, and if the mold gets into specific parts of your system, the air coming out will be polluted with mold!
  • Dust and other particles can get trapped in your ducts. Cleaning your ducts is a lot more challenging than replacing your air filter!

Make sure to always check your air filter to see if you need a new one. It saves you money, and keeps your family from breathing in harmful particles and pollutants! Need help? Give us a call!

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