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Common Issues in Your Water Supply_ City vs Well

Common Issues in Your Water Supply: City vs Well

We all know it is important to have good quality water for you and your family. If your water supply is from a well on your property, then you are responsible for the water quality and any treatment. Meanwhile, city water is treated before it reaches your home. While both well water and city water may have scale buildup, unpleasant taste and odor, or staining, they have unique issues that should be addressed. 

Well Water

Contamination is easy to occur in well water. Chemicals and bacteria can seep into the well from the surrounding groundwater and runoff. This can mean anything from poor taste to dangerous bacteria in your water.

Cloudy water is another common issue with well water. This happens because of dissolved or suspended solids that have come into the water through land disruptions. Well water can include particles from agricultural waste, sewage, or local factory and city waste. 

City Water

Cities treat the water they supply to your home with chlorine to kill any bacteria. While this is an important part of sterilization, the chlorine is no longer necessary once the water reaches your home. In fact, many homeowners opt to remove the remaining chlorine from the water supply once it enters the home due to the taste and odor. Despite city water being sterilized already, it is important to have a means of purification in your home. City water can become contaminated on larger scale due to natural disasters like floods or other incidents.

City water can also still be too hard. This can cause buildup in your home’s pipes, water stains on your showers and dishes, and dried out skin and hair.

Whole-Home Solutions

“Working water” is the water you use to bathe, wash your hands, do your laundry, and other cleaning tasks. “Drinking water” is used for drinking and cooking. Many companies offer a solution for only your drinking water, or will provide a system that can only solve a few of your water’s problems. With Orbit Water Solutions, you can enjoy a whole-home treatment solution to soften and purify your working and drinking water at the same time. We offer quality water treatment systems from Puronics that are durable and long-lasting, providing you with clean, purified, and softened water for your whole home. Ask for a free water quality test today to find out how we can improve your quality of life!

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