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Angel of Strangers

Angel of Strangers (instrumental) Huy Cuong • Afternoon of The Streets (Instrumental) • 2022

The world of music is filled with many musicians who can mesmerize people with their talent and Huy Cuong is one of them. Music has no boundaries and often a single becomes a hit worldwide. In the music world, Huy Cuong is a talented name, he composed many songs, and in 2022, his songs “Angle of Strangers” and “Afternoon of the Streets” were liked by many people. He gave instrumental music to these songs and worked as a composer for them.

In this post, we will talk about Huy Cuong and the songs “Angle of Strangers”, and “Afternoon of The Streets”, and more.

Huy Cuong – An Instrumental Master

Huy Cuong is a well-known Vietnamese composer and famous for his instrumental works. Born in 1931, he transformed many emotions beautifully in his compositions and worked for decades in the music industry. Huy Cuong is a senior musician and has given several Vietnamese traditional singles.

“Angel of Strangers” – A Melodious Song

“Angel of Strangers” is a song with impenetrability to attract listeners’ attention. Released in 2022, the musicians infused a fusion of emotions in the song with different musical instruments like smoothing piano notes tapping into your emotions and seeking comfort in your mind. The music unfolds and the listener feels like the music is catching their mind.

Sometimes in life, we lose hope and need guidance, and an unknown figure helps us to cope with that decision and help in life to find the right path. The title “Angle of Strangers” depicts the situation when strangers get help from unknown figures and cope with hard situations in life.

“Afternoon of the Streets” – The Vibrant Composition Melody

The feel and vibe of “Afternoon of the Streets” resemble the vibrant colors of the city. In the city, the afternoon is a time of business and you will see hustle and multiple activities happening. Unlike the previous song’s scenario i.e. “Angle of Strangers” which is more on the sad and hopeful side, this song reflects urban energy and the use of energetic tunes. The tunes are an ideal example of the rhythmic interplay of instruments.

This unique composition was achieved by combining modern music elements with traditional Vietnamese instruments. This fusion worked well and resulted in a well-composed melody that reflects the versatility of modern music.

It represents urban life beautifully by showing details like the city’s chaotic streets, children playing, and more.

Is There Any Similarity In Both Songs?

Well! The theme and concept of these two songs are different but the common thing is that they show different phases of a life and convert into a melody. The composers made songs in a way that they explore emotions, interact deeply, and show human existence.

“Afternoon of the Streets” and “Angel of Strangers” are harmonious representations of human emotions.


The world of music is filled with talented musicians and Huy Cuong is one of them. He is a composer of many songs including “Angel of Strangers” and “Afternoon of the Streets”. These two songs are proof of his ability to compose attractive and hit music. 

The song “Angel of Strangers” is a mysterious resemblance to life and shows us when we lose hope and need guidance in life to move forward and unexpectedly get it from an unknown person. Whilst, the song “Afternoon of The Streets” is the representation of a city’s vibrant and happening life.

Huy Cuong’s music has a mysterious element in it that attracts listeners and the involvement of Vietnamese traditional instruments make it more special.

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