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Orbit Energy & Power proudly offers LED Lighting solutions for homeowners and businesses alike. LED Lighting has become much more affordable than it was just a few years ago. The average home contains approximately 45 incandescent light bulbs. On average those bulbs are typically 60 watts versus LED bulbs which are only using 10 watts.

LED technology saves homeowners and businesses a lot of money over just a short period of time, especially when considering how often incandescent bulbs have to be replaced. The average light bulb has a lifespan of 1,200 hours whereas an LED bulb will last 25,000 hours, that’s about 3 years. When you add up the total energy savings and combine that with the extended lifespan, LED lighting is an easy choice, and our team here at Orbit stands ready to help.

LED Lighting Warranty

Orbit Energy & Power offers the absolute best standard warranties in the industry today…

  • 5-year Bumper to Bumper No Hassle Warranty on all ChargePoint Products
  • Any and All Standard Manufacturer's Warranty Offered

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