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Electric Vehicles are becoming more popular every single day. Auto industry analysts and economic experts are estimating that by 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet will be electric vehicles. Many Americans have already made the switch to a hybrid solution. If you’re looking to make your commute more environmentally friendly, ask about an electric vehicle charging station!

Charging at Home

If you are thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle or an electric hybrid car, having an electric vehicle charging station installed on your property is essential. Owners of electric vehicles do more than 80% of their car charging at home. This is more often than not the least expensive option! Orbit is a certified installer of both Tesla and ChargePoint chargers. We’d be happy to help you get ready to travel in renewable energy style!

EV Charging for Businesses

If you are a business owner, consider having an electric vehicle charging station available for your employees and customers. This addition will add value to your facility. It also demonstrated your commitment to environmental awareness! Having an EV charger will make your business a destination for anyone in the area searching online for charging points while they are shopping.

Orbit can professionally install an electric vehicle charging station quickly and affordably in your home or at your commercial properties. For an even more environmentally conscious home, pair your electric vehicle with a solar energy system!

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Warranty

Orbit Energy & Power offers the absolute best standard warranties in the industry today…

  • 3-Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty for Parts and Components
  • 3-year Bumper to Bumper No Hassle Warranty on all ChargePoint Products

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