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Benefits of a Home Humidifier

Benefits of a Home Humidifier

Why should you have a humidifier? A home humidifier is a gadget that raises the moisture levels in the air! It does this by letting out steam or water vapor, which creates humidity. During the winter months, air is usually very dry compared to warmer seasons, which can cause negative effect on your health. Did you know that humidity has health benefits? Keep reading to see the benefits of owning a humidifier! 

Less Germs in the Air!

By combatting the dryness of the air, your humidifier can help fight against germs in your home! Humidifiers can help prevent against the flu and cold viruses. Cold and flu symptoms can feel horrible, but having an air humidifier, and setting the level to 40% humidity has been proven to reduce infection rate as well as symptoms! Higher humidity levels in your home attracts viruses to cling to water vapor droplets instead of clinging to you! By attaching to water vapor droplets, the virus then falls out of the air instead of infecting you.

Helps with Congestion!

Along with fighting off germs and viruses, a humidifier can help with all the symptoms of being sick such as congestion! With dry air, mucus may become thick and dry, which causes your nasal pathways to clog up. This is what causes you to have a sore throat, stuffy nose, and sinus pain! By adding humidity to your home, you can combat the effects of dry air on your body! It can even help with allergies!

Fight Dry Skin and Hair!

Dry air can lead to dry skin. Dry skin is prone to cracking which is extremely uncomfortable and at times even painful. Your hair and scalp are also susceptible to dryness! Constant dryness in the air can cause irritation on your scalp which can lead to itchy embarrassing dandruff! When you have dry air in your home, using chapsticks and lotions may not even help since you’re constantly surrounded by dryness! By having an air humidifier, your home will be safe from constant dry air, and your skin will thank you!

Summer Benefits!

During the months when it’s hot and humid outside, your house is constantly being pumped with cold air from your air conditioner. This can cause dryness in your home even during the summer months! By having a humidifier in your home, you can fight off the dryness your A/C is causing! 

Using an air purifier along with your humidifier is the perfect combination to keep your home’s air quality top notch! Interested in a humidifier for your home? We’ll be happy to give you a quote and install one for you! Just give us a call at (800) 836-3987 and ask for our HVAC Experts, or send us a message!

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